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Time Clock Terminals

Time clock terminals provide real time data collection and reporting for businesses. Two configurations were developed, one with a 7” color touchscreen; the other featuring a 4.3” color screen with keypad input. Both configurations feature ARM-based processing technology and a highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

• Utilizes Powerful Processor Technology Found in Smartphones
• Linux OS with Qt Software Application Environment
• Biometric, Bar Code or Proximity Card input options



Laser Welding Control System

The Laser Welding Control system is used for precision-welding of jewelry or dental appliances.
The system features pre-programmed application parameters, a digital messaging display and a keypad. Diagnostics can be performed remotely over a serial connection by running the included software on a remote device.

• Modular Design
• Rabbit Based Microcontroller
• Remote Diagnostic via Windows® Program

Digital Jukebox

The digital jukebox is a powerful touchscreen computer that delivers music & karaoke to restaurants and bars. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) uses drag and drop technology to build instant playlists. It even provides an option to view and play the songs on a connected iPod®.

• Windows® XP Media Center
• Patented Drag & Drop Technology
• CD Drive
• Connects to an iPod

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