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Getting Started


If you are ready to get started on your next product, we suggest the following steps:
Should you need assistance, please contact us.

1. Conduct Patent Research

  • Search Google Patents for similar products to learn about “prior art”.
  • Identify how your product improves upon the prior art.
  • Further define product features that set it apart.

2. Define Your Competitive Advantage

  • Summarize your product concisely with a short paragraph and bullets.

3. Protect Your Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Send us your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – or use this one.

4. Contact Us to Set Up an Introductory Call

  • We will return your NDA and begin discussions.

Following our introductory call we will ask for a product outline, and then we will get started on our proposal process.

Design Proposals may address:

  • Budgets - Development, design, engineering, prototypes, tooling, testing and product cost.
  • Design Challenges – Identifying basic design problems, identifying risks and opportunities for innovation, identifying possible solution(s) and the estimated cost of implementation.
  • Cost Targets – Identifying targets and scaling design and manufacturing plans accordingly.

Review a sample proposal for an example of a typical product development cycle.

Product Brochure
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Sample Proposal

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