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About Our Company - Design Net is a self-funded RI S-Corporation that has evolved from our founding in 1995 to become a key technology development partner for multiple regional and international product development firms. Through these relationships, we have developed and built dozens of products for the consumer, medical and commercial marketplaces. Our portfolio companies range from fortune 500 firms,  to internally incubated startups, to those who have been managed by the investment firms below.

Services for Investors

Advisory Roles and Product Implementation Consultations - Startups push the limits of technology and our exposure to nearly 200 products annually gives us both experience and perspective. We evaluate the business case and assess the technology as it applies to the intended market. We work with investors and startup teams to help identify gaps and then provide supplemental resources to fill those gaps as needed.


IP Exploration - Anybody can file a patent, but our focus is on securing your investment. Since we are investors too, we review IP in a more holistic fashion that includes existing IP, new IP filed and competitive positioning of all stakeholders to ensure that the resulting protection makes your investment an acquisition target rather than a business to simply copy. We then work with patent counsel to ensure that your IP is optimized to protect your investment.


Medical Product Regulatory Path - FDA Approval requires proof of compliance with the FDA product development process. Startups are generally focused on their technology and since we often prepare 510k FDA applications for our clients, we will identify the path forward to prepare their product for submission to the Agency. We have many templates for the required documents that expedite the process while providing a comprehensive submission package.


Turnkey Development Team - We work with many early stage companies and their investors to get their products through the regulatory approval cycles and to market quickly. Our rapid "agile" development process makes a minimum viable product available at the earliest time possible, then continues to evolve that product through release to your early adopters, and then to the world. We love to work with great teams. Some teams engage us just for design reviews, while others rely on us for turnkey development efforts that go right to production.

We Are Looking for Great Companies - We are passionate about creating great products and are always looking to meet new companies and investors who feel the same way. If you are an investor who is interested in making introductions on behalf of portfolio companies, you are encouraged to contact us to set up a meeting for a detailed overview of our approach and experience.

Contact President: Robert Bouthillier


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