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Capabilities and Services


Our electronic designers, software programmers, and PCB designers are all on-staff which enables us to respond to our clients’ needs quickly and with great accuracy the first time.


We work with our clients to identify patent opportunities and secure Intellectual Property (IP) related to their programs.

Mechanical and Industrial Design

Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers combine creative ideas with expertise in materials and manufacturing processes to take any project from conception to production. We use state of the art CAD/CAE tools and can respond quickly to our clients’ needs.

Software Development

We have developed applications for a range of embedded and traditional desktop-based systems, including the Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Our software is typically written in Java, C or C++ and we rely heavily on the open source Qt environment for cross platform development.

Graphical User Interfaces are typically created in the Qt enviroment or HTML. Both options support easy customization by non-programmers as well as internationalization.

We have experience working with a variety of protocols and have developed communications protocols that are used in lottery and gaming markets as well as those used in the retail environment and the medical equipment markets.

Hardware Design

Our vast experience in the design of electronic systems includes a wide range of products including those used in vehicles, in the medical field, and in lottery and gaming systems. Our strength is in applying the most cost-effective solution to result in a durable, reliable system for our clients.

Test Fixtures and Test Standards

We build customized test fixtures to evaluate the functionality of each system or subsystem in a product and ensure that it meets performance standards. Test fixtures are built in a cost-effective manner by scaling the program to ensure that the test process is the right fit for the production volume.


We build, test, and verify working models of each product to ensure compliance with product specifications. Prototype PC board assemblies are generally ready for live testing within 10 days of release to fabrication, while PC Motherboards may take up to 15 days.

Documentation & Standards

Our documentation conforms to FDA and ISO standards. We adapt to our clients’ standards for part nomenclature, tooling specifications, electronic test requirements, software specifications, and overall quality standards. This enables our clients to easily resume continuing support of products that we have completed. We also deliver a documentation package in compliance with FDA GMP guidelines for Medical Products. A complete design history file is generated from our Wiki and delivered upon program completion.

Manufacturing Support

We provide manufacturing organizations with access to our Wiki throughout the development process to facilitate timely feedback and ensure a smooth transition into manufacturing.

Regulatory Standards

We design products to meet our clients’ requirements in compliance with one or more regulatory agencies’ guidelines including UL, CE, CSA, FCC, Nevada Gaming, and FDA. If fact, we often take a lead role in bringing new products though the regulatory process for our clients.

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